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You may have a very common occurring problem in one of your teeth. Teeth may crack when subjected to stress of chewing hard foods or ice, or by biting an unexpected object. Teeth with or without restorations may exhibit this problem, but teeth restored with typical side by side restorations are most susceptible.

Symptoms and Signs are some of or all of the following:


1. Pain on chewing
2. Pain on cold air application
3. Unsolicited pain (usually leakage of sugar into tooth crack)
4. No radiographic evidence of periapical pathology
5. No dental decay present
6. Easy verification of crack when tooth is prepared for restoration


Treatment for cracked teeth:

1. Simple Crack: The majority of cracked teeth (about nine out of ten) can be treated by placement of a simple crown (cap) on the tooth. When the tooth is prepared for the crown, and a temporary restoration is placed, the pain usually leaves immediately. If this is the case with your tooth, you dentist will place the final crown without a problem on your next visit and the conditions should be solved: nevertheless, follow up x-rays are indicated.

2. Complex Crack: Occasionally (about one in ten) the tooth cracks into the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. If pain persists after placement of the temporary crown, you may have a crack into the pulp of the affected tooth. Please call us. This tooth may require endodontics (root canal therapy) before the crown is placed.

3. Separation Crack: In this situation, the treatment of choice may be root canal therapy with root amputation, sectioning and removing part of the tooth. The only option may be the loss of the tooth.

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