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PERIODONTAL (GUM) DISEASE is an inflammatory process, which begins in the gum tissue. When the gums are inflamed, they pull away from the teeth, leaving an open space for food, tartar, and bacteria to collect. This area is called a POCKET. If the pocket is left untreated, the disease will spread to the underlying bone, causing the teeth to become loose and eventually require extraction. Recent research shows that the conditions of heart disease and diabetes can become worse from the existence of mouth infections such as Periodontal Disease. Our office is dedicated to controlling gum disease. Through extensive continuing education courses, we have learned that “Scaling and Root Planning” is a treatment many patients can benefit from. The following is to clarify the difference between a “prophylaxis” (cleaning) and a “scaling and root planning”.




PROPHYLAXIS – is a clinical procedure aimed at removing local irritants (plaque and tartar) at and slightly below the gum line and the polishing of the tooth surface.


SCALING AND ROOT PLANING – (a non-surgical procedure) differs form a prophylaxis (cleaning) in that it is a deeper, therapeutic procedure in the presence of periodontal disease. The hygienist removes not only calculus (tartar) and the plaque from the tooth but also smooths the root of the tooth which is usually covered by inflamed gum tissue. This procedure may take 1 to 4 appointments. Fees are determined by the difficulty and/or the number of appointments necessary to complete therapy. Scaling and Root Planing is a conservative, non-surgical approach to controlling gum disease where surgical procedures have been used in the past. Scaling and Root Planing ultimately leaves your mouth healthier, fresher and a much easier environment for you to maintain at home.


Antibiotic Therapy placed in the mouth or taken orally has been proven to be an important tool for promoting gingival health. It will be determined during your periodontal therapy if this will be necessary part of you treatment regiment.


Plaque control is the most effective method to maintain healthy gum tissue. In order to achieve this, the hygienist may introduce new dental accessories (proxybrush, stimulator tips, floss aides) and review brushing and flossing techniques. The cleaner the tooth and root, the healthier the gums will be.


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