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What you might expect during and following endodontic treatment:

Tenderness, swelling and minor discomfort may occur.  This may last up to 2-3 days.

If your root canal therapy requires more than one appointment, a temporary restoration is placed between your visits.  This may give off a medicinal taste (normal); and it may wear away.  If you think your temporary is missing please call the office.

Root canal therapy does not include the final restoration (post and crown, crown or filling) which is needed to help protect the tooth from possible fracture or injury.

A root canal is a dental procedure to help retain a tooth, which may otherwise require an extraction.  While, we strive for 100% success, due to local conditions of the tooth, surrounding tissues, and sometimes-systemic conditions, it may be necessary to extract the tooth due to these complications.


To help ensure successful endodontic therapy you must:

Take medication(s) as prescribed.  (Antibiotics must be taken until gone)

Schedule and keep follow-up appointments when necessary, as the tooth may not be sealed and can become reinfected.

A root canal usually takes one to three appointments to complete.




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